Extra Radio Cable p/n SLCABTRS



This cable is compatible with the Xiegu G1M and the uBITX QRP transceiver.  It connects to the radio's 3.5mm Mic jack. A stereo audio cable is also provided for the Receive Audio connection (the G1M requires a stereo audio cable).

Please note that these radios carry mic bias voltage on the mic input line so we have designed this cable to work with our SLMODKX3 jumper module, which has a built-in DC blocking capacitor.  We strongly recommend using our SLMODKX3 jumper module with this cable or you risk shorting/loading the mic bias voltage which could cause undesired operation or possibly damage the radio.  See "Related Items" below to purchase the SLMODKX3 jumper module.

NOTE:  The uBITX Mic jack must be wired as recommended in their documentation; Mic Input = tip, PTT = ring, and Ground = sleeve.

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