Plug & Play Jumper Module p/n SLMOD578



This jumper module is made specifically for the mic jack connection on the popular AnyTone AT-D578UV, and is used with SignaLink USB p/n SLUSBRJ4 or radio cable p/n SLCABRJ4.  Be sure to see the radio setup notes below.

Compatible Radios

AnyTone AT-D578UV only


Important Radio Setup Notes

1 - The radio must have Level Detection turned on or PTT will not work.  This must be enabled in the radio's programming software.

2 - The mic jack on this radio uses differential audio which CANNOT be connected to the SignaLink, or you'll damage the radio's audio amplifier.  Instead, you will need to attach the supplied audio cable between the SignaLink's SPKR jack and one of the radio's External Speaker jacks (one jack disconnects the radio's built-in speaker, the other does not - see your radio manual for details).

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