Plug & Play Jumper Module p/n SLMODVAR



This jumper module is used with SignaLink USB p/n SLUSB6PM or radio cable p/n SLCAB6PM, and supports the selection of the radio's 1200 baud audio line (factory default) or the 9600 baud audio line via a simple push-on jumper.  Virtually all sound card modes use the 1200 baud audio line, but some modes such as VARA Wide require the wider bandwidth of the 9600 baud audio line for proper operation.

NOTE:  VARA Wide users will need to move the jumper from the factory default "12" position (two pins closest to the "12" marking) to the "96" position (two pins closest to the "96" marking).  This will select the radio's 9600 baud audio line.

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