SignaLink USB p/n SLUSB8PD

SignaLink USB


>>> Please see our SignaLinkTM USB Product Guide to find the correct part number for your radio. <<<


The SignaLink USB p/n SLUSB8PD is compatible with virtually any radio that uses an 8-pin DIN style Accy/Data/Packet connector.  Please see the product guide link above for a complete list of compatible radios.  For details on this product, please see the SignaLink USB page of our web site.  For jumper settings, please click here.

NOTE:  The radio cable p/n SLCAB8PD is INCLUDED with the SignaLink USB p/n SLUSB8PD.

The recommended Plug & Play Jumper Module for this unit when using ICOM radios only is p/n SLMOD8PD (see "Related Items" below).  For Ten-Tec and other radios that use an 8-pin DIN jack, you will need to configure the SignaLink using jumper wires and the appropriate jumper settings (see above link).

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