SignaLink USB p/n SLUSBHTI

SignaLink USB


>>> Please see our SignaLinkTM USB Product Guide to find the correct part number for your radio. <<<


The SignaLink USB p/n SLUSBHTI is compatible with virtually all Icom HTs that use a stereo 3.5mm plug and a stereo 2.5mm plug.  This includes but is not limited to the IC-V86 and ID-51A.

The Plug & Play Jumper Module needed for this unit is p/n SLMODHT.  Please note that this module has a built-in resistor and capacitor that are required by the radio.  You must use this jumper module or you will need to figure out how to install your own resistor and capacitor inside the SignaLink (not easy!).

NOTE:  The radio cable p/n SLCABHTI is INCLUDED with the SignaLink USB p/n SLUSBHTI.

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